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Pre-Order Black Raspberries

4 Pints for Pickup

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Ordering for these is NOT open yet.  We will open ordering when we have a better idea when they will be ready, most likely it will be the beginning of July. 


Pre-order black raspberries from Garwood Orchard in Northern Indiana.

This is for 4 pints for $33.99. These will not be available in the store, they are pre-order only. 

IMPORTANT INFO if you are going to order: Black Raspberries are very perishable so we only get them for pre- order.

  • They should be used right after you receive them.

  • They MUST be refrigerated.

  • You can pick up in the Farm Store on the listed times. We STRONGLY suggest you come and get them on the first evening.

  • Although we get them fresh picked, and keep them refrigerated, we cannot control rain and heat and those things can affect black raspberries. We are not responsible for taste or issues due to rain. If you pre-order you are REQUIRED to take the black raspberries that come.

  • We DO NOT give any refunds for black raspberries, so please keep this in mind. We will get the best black raspberries we can, but some days with rain and heat they are better than others. We have no control over this so we cannot offer any refunds or date changes after you order.

  • In the event we are not able to fill all the orders for a given day, we will refund your order and notify via email or phone that the order has been cancelled.

  • Again, we will do our best, but black raspberries are very unpredictable, so there are no guarantees.

 Pickup is available Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm (10am-7pm on Thursdays). Specific days for Black Raspberries will be announced once we know when we will be getting them. 

You will come to the farm and head to the building across the parking lot from the Farm Store. There will be large signs to follow and you will check in at the pick up table. 

Should you need to change your order, or have any questions, please contact our produce team at


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