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Pre Order Bushel of BiColor Corn

For Pickup on specific date


From $28.00 / person

What is it

Tuttle's Bicolor Triple Sweet Corn.  These bags have 48 ears of fresh picked sweet corn that is great for eating or freezing. Corn is picked fresh that morning for your order. We only grow triple sweet varieties of sweet corn!

Why is Tuttle’s Sweet Corn some of the best Sweet Corn in Indiana?
We pick it fresh every day so there’s not time for the sugar to turn to starch before you eat it.
We grow only XXX Sweet Varieties…even sweeter than the Extra Sweet Varieties.
We pick it all by hand at the peak of ripeness…no mechanical pickers that pick the whole field at once. Your corn is hand picked right here in Indianapolis!
We’ve won 1st place corn at the Indiana State Fair for many of the last 20 years…proving that we have some of the best corn in Indiana!