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Pre-Order FROZEN Tart Cherries 10lb

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Ordering for 2023 is closed. 

We are no longer offering fresh tart cherries. We will offer a presale for FROZEN in the same quantity as we offered in fresh, 10 lbs. Please read description before placing your order.  

This year's cherries are coming to us FROZEN from Michigan from Coloma Farms.  

  • 10lbs, packed in 4 individual bags  (each bag can make a large pie) for $39

  • Pre-pitted and ready for baking. No sugar is added to these bags.

  • These are IQF cherries. IQF stands for individual quick freezing. IQF provides a solution to maintaining the shelf life of fresh-tasting produce. IQF is also a great choice because flash-freezing produce at the peak of ripeness preserves nutrients.

  • There will not be as much juice as there had been with the fresh cherries. However, as the cherries thaw they will release some of their own juices, great to keep in while baking for pies and so on. 

  • We sell these cherries year round in the store, but this presale offers the cherries at a discount. They can only be picked up in the time frame listed. We are NOT able to store cherries for a later pick up date. 

  • You must pre-order by Tuesday, August 1st. Pick up will be Friday August 11th and Saturday August 12th from 10am-5pm. We won't be able to store orders not picked up on these days. 

  • If you have any questions about your order please email our produce team:

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