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Pre-Order Peck of Canning Tomatoes

About this experience

Ordering is over for the 2023 season. During September we might have some available in the store, you can give the store a call to check before coming. 

Canning tomatoes are tomatoes that are slightly imperfect and would not be sold as #1 slicing tomatoes but are good for making salsa or for canning.  They may have strange shapes, slightly blemished areas, bruising, soft spots, splits around stem, yellowing at the top, etc.  The varieties are larger red tomatoes (like a celebrity style tomato) These tomatoes are available at a largely reduced cost to what "First Quality" tomatoes would be.  They are sold by the half bushel or peck. 

Canning tomatoes are generally available in July and August.  Obviously, weather can play a role in this from year to year.

This is a peck, approximately 12lbs, for $22.99.

Prices subject to change with tomato quality and quantity available.

Pickup is available Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm (10am-6pm on Thursdays).

You will come to the farm and head to the building across the parking lot from the Farm Store. There will be large signs to follow and you will check in at the pick up table.

Perishable items will be held for no longer than 3 days. 

Should you need to change your order, or have any questions, please contact our produce team at