Pre-Order Peck of South Carolina Peaches

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$34.99 per


7h  –  8h


Offered for daily pickup Monday-Saturday

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This is a Peck of South Carolina freestone peaches, approximately 12lbs of peaches. 

Early Bird Pre- Order Pricing (order before July 1st) $34.99

Pre-order Pricing (Order after July 1st) $36.99

Store Pricing $38.99

These are freestone peaches which means they come off the pit. Great for canning, baking, freezing, eating and sharing. 

Varieties will change over the pickup dates to be what is best at that time.

Varieties include:  Harvester, Monroe, Red Globe, and others.

These peaches have amazing flavor and are some of the best you can find. Our produce team goes through and inspects each peach,  giving you only the top quality peaches.

Pickup is available Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm (Thursdays 10am- 6pm).

Choose your pickup day at time of order.

You must pickup the day you choose at time of order. Produce not picked up on the order date will not be as fresh.  Perishable items will be held for 3 days. 

You will come to the farm and head to the building across the parking lot from the Farm Store. There will be large signs to follow and you will check in at the pick up table. 

Should you need to change your order, or have any questions, please contact our produce team at

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